The Long View by Vogue Business: Diversifying the top rungs of luxury

The number of junior-level opportunities for underrepresented groups in fashion and beauty is gradually increasing, but it’s still hard to break into the decision-making ranks. Vogue Business speaks to industry leaders about how they’re changing their processes.
The Long View by Vogue Business Diversifying the top rungs of luxury
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Key takeaway: Diversifying the executive team is top of mind for luxury’s leaders — but progress will take time. The companies making the most headway are thinking about succession planning with a DE&I lens; offering opportunities for mid-level talent from underrepresented groups to progress through mentorship and sponsorship schemes; and shifting their perception of what a “culture fit” is. Hiring more people from underrepresented groups alone does not solve the root issue: companies must overhaul their culture to become more inclusive, with leaders actively working on breaking down their biases and taking employee feedback on board.