When operating a small pop-up, tabling at a convention, or working at a farmer's market, it's faster to scan your product's barcodes to create your orders.

Using a USB Barcode Scanner connected to a laptop is an inexpensive and easy solution for Pro account holders.

Orders - Barcode Scanner

Quick Orders expedite order processing by making the customer anonymous, prioritizing speed at public events.

When a barcode is scanned, it works similar to typing with a keyboard. Once the full code is scanned, the scanner Enters the result and ReadySum automatically checks for existing inventory with a matching barcode.

Barcode Scanning Entered

The order contents are instantly updated as well as the order total. Any discounts can be applied before completing the order.

Barcode Order Contents and Total

A summary of the order is displayed, including the ability to Undo the order (remember, all orders affect your inventory numbers). To help with cash transactions, some common change options are provided.

Quick Order Summary and Change

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