Adding a discount to an order is available on regular Orders (linked to customers) and Quick Orders (anonymous). The discount is always at the bottom of the page.

Order Creation

Entering any number 1 or higher will be subtracted from the total and is automatically recalculated as you update the order.

Note: Percentage discounts are converted to a fixed dollar amount when the order is saved and how it will be displayed on invoices and any future order edits.

Discount greater than 1

Entering a decimal less than 1 (e.g. Entering .1 to represent 10 percent off), will apply the percentage discount to the entire order, excluding shipping charges.

As an example, using a $20 order with a $10 shipping charge ($30 total), when entering a .1 discount (10%) it is applied to the $20 order amount ($2 discount) for a final total of $28.

Discount less than 1

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