Under Account > Integrated Tools there is a collection of account upgrades available for both Free and Pro accounts. Any enabled tools will have a checkmark.

The Invoices Integration is used for printing, emailing, and also overdue notifications.

Account - Integrated Tools

The information collected in the invoice integration is used throughout the application; whenever ReadySum is creating something (e.g.Invoice) or contacting a customer on your behalf.

The most important fields are Business Name and either Email Address or Phone Number.

Invoice Integration Settings

Once enabled, the option will be available when accessing any existing orders. The messaging changes depending on Account Type and Order Status.

The Email Invoice option is restricted to Pro accounts and will give the option to view the invoice prior to confirming email delivery.

Order Buttons - Print / Email

If an order has not been paid, the option will display Print Invoice, while a paid invoice will show Print Receipt. Both options will display a professional, single-page invoice perfect for delivery to wholesale clients.

Sample Invoice Receipt

Pro accounts also have the ability to see any Overdue Invoices, grouped by customer. You can send a single summary reminder to those clients notifying them of their overdue invoices, including number of days overdue.

Overdue Invoices Reminder

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