One of the biggest struggles for wholesalers is collecting regular orders from their customers. There are two many issues: Inconsistent reminders to customers and high time/effort requirements for customers.

ReadySum solves this with the ability to schedule order reminders, found on the Orders page.

Orders - Schedule Order Reminders

Scheduled reminders are reserved for wholesale customers and inventory with a wholesale price set.

Customers are notified on your behalf using the business name supplied under Integrations > Print/Email Invoices.

Order Reminders Main Page

Any emails that have been sent on your behalf are displayed in the Order Requests section, including their status: Created, viewed, or skipped).

Existing schedules will display even if they are Inactive, while Active schedules will show when the next reminder will be sent. Existing schedules can be edited or deleted.

Here is an example of the email notification your customer receives. Clicking the link will bring them to an order form, prefilled with their most recent order.

This makes it easy for your customers to reorder by reducing the time and effort required.

Customer Email Notification for Reorder

The ReadySum account holder will receive an email notification when an order has been placed. It will automatically be added to the Orders page and can be edited as needed.

No email is generated when a customer skips a reorder, but it will remain visible under Order Requests until the next scheduled email reminder is sent (it is then deleted).

Customer Reorder Form

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