Under Account > Integrated Tools there is a collection of account upgrades available for both Free and Pro accounts. Any enabled tools will have a checkmark.

The Shipping Integration, provided by GoShippo.com, enables shipping label creation for your orders from within ReadySum.

You must create a Shippo account and provide your API key to ReadySum so we can create a label on your behalf. It's also necessary to provide the return address for all of your shipments.

Shipping Label Configuration

Once enabled, a new button will appear for existing undelivered orders. This will begin the process of creating a shipping label.

Create Shippo Shipping Label Button

The package dimensions and weight must be provided, but don't worry, it is automatically filled with the data from your last shipment, to save you time for repetive order sizes.

Package Dimensions and Weight

Finally, you can choose from available shipping rates and providers, per your Shippo account settings. If your Shippo account is in Test Mode, this will be displayed at the top of the page.

You can also return to the dimensions/weight page to make adjustments before you continue. A link will be provided to print your label.

Choose Shipping Rate and Method

Once the label is issued, the Order will be marked as Shipped and the Tracking Information will be displayed on the Orders page.

Orders - Tracking Information

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