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Do you ever ask, "What do I have in-stock right now?

More accessible than paper, easier than remembering, and with no costs to see your present inventory and order statuses.

Your inventory is at your fingertips day or night on your mobile smartphone, tablet, or computer.

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  • Easy enough that you will actually use it.
  • For your wholesale, nonprofit, hobby, or small business.
  • Free, with no limits on items, orders, or customers.

Use the navigation at the top to learn more about the tool, or just login to our demo account (Username: demo Password: demofree).

Below is more information about ReadySum, the company, as well as a great search tool that, based on what your business is, guides you into how ReadySum can benefit you.

Feature List Free Account Pro Account
Pricing $0 $20/month (annually)
Number of Users 1 5
Inventory Limit Unlimited Coming Soon
Order Limit Unlimited Coming Soon
Customer Limit Unlimited Coming Soon
Mobile Friendly Design Coming Soon
Anonymous Orders Coming Soon
Bulk Inventory Adjustments Coming Soon
Inventory Change Log Coming Soon
Seasonal Inventory Items Coming Soon
Import from CSV Inventory, Customers Coming Soon
Export to CSV Inventory, Customers Coming Soon
Localization (Language, Currency, Timezone) Coming Soon
Email Support Coming Soon



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ReadySum started when the founder, Mario Lurig, was looking for an inventory tool to use in his chocolate business, Dice Candies, as well as his significant other's company, Lovin Oven Goodies. Realizing the tool needed to be dead simple, device agnostic, and mobile-friendly (else it be underutilized) he decided to write his own as the market didn't have any options that met that criteria.

After a year of private use and testing, as well as interactions with many other small business owners who were either not tracking inventory at all, or using paper and pen, ReadySum was rebuilt from the ground up for everyone.

The primary focuses of the tool are: simple, mobile-friendly, international, and inexpensive.


Mario Lurig

Mario is an author, web developer, and chocolatier. Mario balances life and work under the Slowpreneur philosophy: Don't sacrifice your life for your work, but instead enjoy both.

Languages and Translations

From the beginning, ReadySum was designed for international appeal. With that in mind, real people are used to translate the tool into a variety of languages, so any entrepreneur could use the tool, regardless of their native language.

While some translations may lag behind new features, the tool will always default to English if a translation is not yet available.

Currently supported languages: English, German, and French.

Future supported languages: Deutsch, English, español, français, 日本語, 한국어, português, 中文.


It's really simple: Your data is yours. We will never access your data without your permission, and your data may not be shared, sold, or used in any way that is strictly for the benefit of ReadySum, its employees, or its partners.

If ReadySum was ever acquired by a third-party, all data and rights will pass to that third party, who will determine future privacy. Users will be notified in advance of any changes to privacy due to acquisition.


Make a strong password.

No, really.

We store all of your password information using the CRYPT_BLOWFISH algorithm, a unique salt, and multiple iterations. In other words, in case of a database breach, no user passwords would be available for the hacker to view in clear text.


Email Address:

PO Box 30
Broomfield, CO 80038

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Tutorials and Tips

You can find helpful tips, such as how to add the web app to your Android home screen, on our tutorials page.


The fully-documented ReadySum API is available at ReadySum.com/api/. It's RESTful and uses JSON for the most efficient use of bandwidth.